Basic EIGRP Configuration on a Cisco Router

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routeing Protocol (EIGRP) is the most popular open standard dynamic protocol. Where OSPF uses cost and RIP uses hop count as a metric, EIGRP uses a complex equation taking bandwidth, delay, load, and reliability into its metric. To find the best route it uses the diffusing update algorithm (DUAL). EIGRP on Cisco routers has an administrative distance of 90.

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SQLite and EntityFramework Core: Code First Migrations Not Migrating!

I was getting the error the tables were not being created after updating, so I did some digging and came across this answer that finally worked for me. Paste this in your Nuget package manager


Burnin’ Down the Nuget House: Removing All Packages

Accidental Nuget irresponsibility brought me great pain when all this EntityFramework Core stuff installed, and couldn’t get rid of any of it because every other package depended on each other. Small project, recently pushed to GitHub, knew all the packages off the top of my head I needed so I decided to burn the house down and start fresh instead of fighting the Core fight. I used this nifty command from here.


A Quick Look at Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is another tool you can use to improve your “-ilities”. Specifically your maintainability, testability, and extensibility.

Dependency injection is where you require your objects dependencies to be supplied at the time of construction. In English: you take a class or interface as a parameter in the constructor.

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Neural Networks: Understanding the Artificial Mind

A neural network is nothing more than a math problem. Once you train the network it can be used to predict data based on how well it fits the training data. There are two popular types of machine learning. Supervised and unsupervised. An example of an unsupervised neural network would be Google’s AlphaGo. It is when you feed it data but don’t tell it what to look for. It’s what’s called an ” all-purpose AI”. So in the case of AlphaGo, it was feed different games of “Go”, an ancient Chinese game, with exponentially more situations than chess, and learned the game. What makes this so important is that you can feed it any set of data, such as videos of people playing Go, and it will learn how to do it. This is the future of AI, but in this article, we will be discussing supervised neural networks. Continue reading Neural Networks: Understanding the Artificial Mind